Christ Church Cheltenham

Three Year Plan

Autumn 2014

Christ Church Cheltenham - Who we are; what we're for

Here is a pdf of the document

Christ Church is currently working to a three year plan called Reaching Out. Our vision is to share the good things God has given us with the wider community.Click here to read the full version (pdf) or go to the summary here.

For a sense of where we're coming from, you could click on the link 'Belonging' and read about our previous three-year plan, which covered the years 2007-09.

22/1/12 Click to read The Christ Church Building - Concluding the Conversation

January 2013 


At our Parish Weekend, back in October, Jerry Gilpin helped us to start a conversation. It was about Christ Church’s ‘values’ [who we are] and our ‘purposes’ [what we do]. 
We’re now looking to build on insights gained at Hothorpe. We’re thinking about setting the compass for the next leg of our journey. There’s a sense that what’s needed is not another detailed three-year plan. Instead, we’re working on a document that might articulate [in as few words as possible] ‘who we are and what we’re for’.
As we go to press, this process has been discussed by the PCC and by the Clergy/Readers team. We want to involve you, too. If you think there’s something glaringly missing from these lists then do please let me know. The best way to do this would be by email on tim.mayfield @
1. Values
• Aiming to be God-centred in all we do
• Listening to one another
• Welcoming all comers with equal acceptance and tolerance
• Putting a high priority on forgiveness
• Encouraging and affirming one another
• Speaking and acting with integrity
• Valuing humour and lightness of touch
• Challenging one another
• Trusting God and taking risks
• Looking beyond ‘the church’ into the wider world
2. Purposes
• To glorify God with lip and life
• To build ‘Jesus community’ within the church family
• To equip and affirm our members to live as Christ in the world
• To reach out into the community in which we are set, in the love of God
• To explain the good news about Jesus so that others can come to living faith in God
• To act as partners with God in establishing justice in Cheltenham and the wider world
• To recognise that all of the above needs to be underpinned by constant prayer